Thursday, November 19, 2020

2020 is almost over! Or is it....

Nearing the end of 2020 is both exciting and anticlimactic.  I'm ready for this year to be over- but will it ever really be?  Will the Ghost of 2020 past be haunting us the rest of our lives?  Unending civil unrest, families and friends ending relationships over different beliefs, constant fear of getting sick, government overreach... will it suddenly go away with the countdown to 2021?  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW WAY OF LIFE!  (or in my opinion, HAPPY NEW WORLD ORDER!) The consequences of the toxicity we've allowed into our worlds, hearts and minds has gripped ahold firmly and I don't know if some have the strength to release it.  We need to fully let go and trust that the Lord has this under control.  He is not at all shocked by anything this year has brought into our lives- or taken away from our lives.  It's okay to grieve the life we once knew, but it's important we don't dwell and become bitter.  It's important to take a stand about BIBLICAL values in this time of change, but we must be careful what we let seep into that which we won't back down about.  We can intertwine our Americanized views and Christian beliefs into a messy knot that we won't be able to differentiate.

  Freedom in Christ is being able to be free no matter where you are or what your circumstances are.  American freedoms are NOT guaranteed under this category - so we have to be able to discern one from the other.  What DO we fight for?  What aspects of our freedoms should we stand firm in and not back down from?  I do believe that Christians need to get involved in politics specifically for this purpose... if Christians shrink away from "getting political" or "politics" in general, we lay down our freedoms for others to do with what they please.  We allow unbelievers and people with zero respect for scripture to choose for us what we will start to accept and reject.  Slowly, but surely, our Christian freedoms and values start to get pulled out from under us while we virtue signal and recite the scripture that goes along with being submissive to government and loving to our neighbors.  We lose sight of all else we hold dear as believers.  

If only we would really READ the new testament and let the words Paul tries to warn us with into our hearts.  We WILL be hated and looked at as different.  We WILL be discriminated against because we won't back down from our beliefs.  We WILL be persecuted.  We WILL be looked at as fools.  Good WILL be exchanged for evil.  The love of Christians WILL grow cold.  We need to be so careful that we don't hold our "reputations" above what our true calling as disciples is.  It will look like hate to speak love.  It will look like intolerance.  It will look like we think we are better than others, when we are living under a righteous calling.  It will look like we are crazy people.  Throughout history, when the opinions of the loudest start to be heard the most, it is confused with what we SHOULD believe.  We will look like the loony, crazy ones who hold ancient beliefs that aren't melding with the times we are in.  

In my personal convictions, I have been this person for a while now.  It isn't new to me to have people think it's crazy that I think God designed our body to heal itself with things He provided on this earth, not in a lab.  With sunshine, water, rest, herbs and healthy foods.  I have people already thinking I'm a little different because I believe that I'm called to homeschool because we are called to "raise our children in the training and instruction of the Lord.".  That maybe we were given these little humans to raise ourselves and not somewhere else by someone else with a different agenda than "the instruction of the Lord." I'm also a little different because I believe our bodies were created by God to birth babies,  (women's bodies) and that hospitals should be saved for emergencies and extreme illness.  Just from these examples alone, what would I do if I felt like the freedom to choose these things was being taken from me?  What if I'm no longer free to birth the way I want and MUST go to a hospital?  What if homeschooling becomes illegal?  What if we are forced to take the medicines the "experts" (who don't believe in God's incredible design for our bodies ability to heal) tell me to take?  What happens to that new baby you have in the hospital that you don't want them to cut or inject?  What happens to our GOD GIVEN rights as a parent - given the task of raising our children according to our convictions?  What happens to that mom who wants to have a labor naturally, but now C-sections are the only way hospitals allow births anymore?  We must ask ourselves what we are willing to fight for, what hill we are willing to die on and how will we be okay with taking an unpopular stance?  Will we be okay with slowly watching, drip by drip, the freedoms - that are more than just spoiled American freedoms - be ripped out from under us?  Becoming political is more than just reading 5 minutes about who is running and voting for the guy with the better stage-presence and way with words.  It's about looking past the tweets, and voting for policy.  A president that upholds RELIGIOUS freedom and the right to LIFE is the president who will always get my vote.  But you know what, guys?  It's okay if that president doesn't win... because in the end - Jesus is Lord and God is King.  Everything that happens is carefully orchestrated and planned.  Governments rise and fall under the leadership of Him.  His purpose always prevails, no matter what.  If you choose to stay unpolitical, taking no sides and "loving" everyone through your all-encompassing acceptance of whatever makes the person happy, you can't complain when you watch all of the things you really do hold dear disappear before you.  The slogan of Satanism is "do what thou wilt", which sounds a lot like the opposite of Gods heart.  Doing what you want has real, earthly consequences that have nothing to do with your salvation.  It has to do with living a life that is God's BEST for you.  His best for you isn't allowing you to "do what you wilt".  Growth comes from being uncomfortable and going through the fire of refinement.  If you never step out and get uncomfortable, be okay with living a life that isn't your BEST.   "You Only Live Once" and  "Livin' your Best Life" should be a lot deeper than making spontaneous choices based on feelings... it should be about making an impact on behalf of the  Kingdom, to bring others to Him and to live the best possible version of your life that God has for you.  

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