Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have decided that the hardest thing to keep up is friendships. Good friends are so few and far between. I have had a lot of friends in my life who have come and gone... but it's the ones that are there through thick and thin that are worth it. I have been doing the study of the life of David this summer through Beth Moore. Jonathan and David were the ultimate friends. They stuck up for each other, they cried for each other, they had a bond that was just intense. I have been through some rough times, friendship wise, in my day and some great times. I'd like to give a big cyber-hug to all of my bestest friends out there. You know who you are. The friends who listen as much as they talk. The friends who have helped me guard my heart and who I have helped guard theirs. My BEST friend in the world is my sister Katie. She is the only person (besides Jordan now) who I can be 100% myself in front of... she sticks up for me, cries for me, laughs with me, supports me, helps me, guards me, prays for me... and do the same for her and would in a heart beat. Love you Katie pooooo! Thanks for being the best friend I could ever pray for. SISTERSHIP!!!!!!!


I want to write a blog entry... but I don't know what I want it to be about yet?!! I'm just going to start writing and see what pops out.

Harry Potter. My goodness, I have been up to my ears in Harry Potter lately. I really wish I would have read the books because I want to know SO BADLY what happens! I have seen all of the movies within the last two weeks to get prepared for the finale... I don't know what's going to happen... who dies? I know someone dies... Please don't tell me... I have to be surprised. I hate watching commercials because I think it's going to give it away... I am also annoyed with facebook (which I'll touch more on in a minute) because everyone is talking about it! I DON'T LIKE SPOILER ALERTS!!! It's such a brilliant series though... I have to have to read the books. I read the Twilight saga for crying out loud... EMBARRASSING... and I didn't read POTTER? Man, I am missing out. Gotta get on that.

Facebook. Ok... I'm done with having cyber-friendships. I want to have friendships where I hear people's voices and see their faces and give them hugs... I know facebook is good for keeping up with people that I love that I rarely get to talk to or see... who live far away and such... but as far as people who I wouldn't really ever talk to or be real friends with... I gotta say, I don't really wanna be friends with everyone I've ever met in my life on there. I hate drama and gossip SO much and that is just a big fat serving of it every day. I have narrowed down my "friend" list and I really hope I don't offend people. I just want to be a real friend to those I am actually FRIENDS with... Sound good?

Twitter. I love twitter. Surprisingly enough. I really thought I would hate it... but I have started following some celebrities... and let me tell you... they're hilarious and worth joining. It's fun. :)

Anyways, my mom's here with Starbucks. BYE!