Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My pregnancy so far...

I am now 35 weeks and I feel like I'm going to have the baby tomorrow. I have been having contractions every day that DON'T feel like braxton hicks... I went to the Dr. yesterday and she said that the contractions aren't doing anything yet and are just "practice contractions". That's great and everything, I just wish they didn't hurt so bad! They definitely stop me in my tracks and make me think about different ways I can breathe or sit to be more comfortable. So I have been thinking about my pregnancy and what about it I was expecting and not expecting. It was definitely smooth sailing through my first and second trimester! I could work out, eat what I wanted, sleep comfortably, I wasn't sick at all... I was just spoiled throughout all of that time... THEN the third trimester hit. I felt it immediately. Mostly with the acid reflux and indigestion... But there are a few more things that have started happening recently that I did not expect...
 Here is a list of things that I wasn't expecting during pregnancy...
 1. painful "practice contractions" that don't do a THING!
2. Terrible acid reflux and indigestion. No dinner after 4 or 5:00
3. hemorrhoids... TMI?? whatever.
4. taking a simple walk feels like I ran a marathon... even getting up from sitting sometimes.
 5. getting up 3-6 times a night to go to pee
6. restlessness. I lay in bed for an hour before falling asleep and wake up with the sun... maybe my body is just preparing for when the baby is here.. but it could have just let me enjoy my last couple months of SLEEP!
7. strange dreams
8. The crazy urge to set up and organize baby stuff ALL the time.
9. ligament pain in my stomach... youch!
10. my hip bones actually getting wider
11. Gaining 30 lbs
12. I honestly wasn't expecting to get any stretch marks because they don't run in the family, but Jordan noticed some last night. :(
 13. Not being able to settle on a name!
15. Bras being sooo uncomfortable because the underwire rests on my now humungous belly (oh, and did I mention the sweat that gathers between my tummy and the ladies? Not pretty..)
16. People are kind of judgy about some of my decisions and very opinionated.

 Ok, so pregnancy hasn't been only terrible... I have enjoyed a lot of things about it...

 Now the GOOD things I didn't expect:
1. All of the love and support from everyone in my life basically!
2. All of the free stuff I have gotten from people I know... I've pretty much not had to buy anything for my little guy! :)
3. Finding out that i was having a BOY!!!!!
4. Being pregnant the same time as my sister!
5. How strong my hair has gotten... which I know will change once I have the baby.
6. How healthy my nails are (probably from my prenatal vitamin)
7. This summer is extremely mild compared to most Texas summers... Very doable in the state I'm in.
 8. How excited I get when I feel the baby move. It really is an amazing thing.
 9. Jordan actually gives me back rubs when I ask now! :)
 10. I am so not as moody as I thought I was going to be

 I'm sure there are more things that are pluses but they're just not coming to mind right now.

 So this week started my weekly appointments. I should only have three more until the baby comes... hopefully not more! The appointment went okay, but I was very disappointed to find out that my contractions aren't "REAL". Made me a little upset. I don't want to have him early but I just wanted to know that I wasn't being over dramatic. I have heard that "practice contractions" like the ones I've been experiencing, feel like REAL ones! It worries me that I'm not going to know the difference when it comes to going into labor. Sometimes the water doesn't even break... so... how will I know?? I just get really nervous thinking about the next weeks to come!

 Interesting side-note... I could be further along than the Dr. thinks. According to my calculations, my baby should have the due date of August 3... I thought I was pregnant for a whole month before I got the confirmation that I was... I had so many negative pregnancy tests.. and I just KNEW I was pregnant. I got so upset with every test I took. I remember crying to Jordan... not because I really wanted to be pregnant, but because I was mad at the tests for being so wrong. I knew I was pregnant. Then when I went in to the Dr and got my first ultrasound, it told me I was going to have the due date of August 18. So... I could have the baby earlier than I thought! Here's hoping that he's born healthy and with no issues no matter when he's born! (earlier than the 18th I hope!!!)

 Pray for the next few weeks and for my contractions to not be so bad please!!! :) Hopefully, the next post I post will have pictures and the final name decision of my new baby BOY!!!!!!