Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October is my favorite month ever

You know, I would love to be a blogger, but I still don't have internet at my house.  Speaking of house, Jordan and I moved into one!  We are out of the apartment/duplex phase of our lives and onto the HOUSE phase!  Still in the renting phase for now, but I am totally okay with that.  It is a big commitment to buy a house and a big decision.  We aren't ready for that yet.  Jordan is just starting his firefighting career and we hope that he'll land a bigger town closer to Georgetown within the next 5 years... For now, we are living in a little two bedroom house in downtown Georgetown in the old town district!  It's .5 miles from the trail that Katie and I run/walk on with our kiddos and there is a sidewalk from my house to the park!  I LOVE it!  Old town is seriously ideal.  I've been wanting to live there since I was a kid.  It's an old 1950's red brick house that has been completely renovated and made to look like new on the inside.  Seriously, this house is a huge blessing!  It's very affordable and PERFECT size for us.  A very big step UP in size from the last 500 sq ft duplex we were in.  God knew what we needed and provided it for us.  I'll post pictures of it soon, the inside still isn't completely decorated yet.  I finally have a nursery though for my little tyke!  THAT makes me happy!  It came complete with blue walls and everything!  :) 

Justus is doing great... he is a strong little boy! He's started to try to crawl and he can flip over onto his back from his stomach... usually he'll have his head strait up while he's on his tummy.  He's also becoming a great sleeper! Sometimes he sleeps though the night and sometimes he just needs a little extra lovin at night.  Mostly he is a happy baby.  He'll get fussy before and after eating, but mainly... pretty awesome.  He's started cooing and smiling a lot too.  Jordan will talk to him and he'll just smile away!  He's actually starting to watch cartoons with us too.  We will put something on TV and he'll watch it, so we have to be careful what it is.  I watched Jurassic Park the other day and I had to turn him to face me so that he wouldn't get scared of the Dinosaurs.  I don't know if babies know how to be scared of things they see yet... like, do they know what a scary image is yet?  I don't know... seems like they wouldn't know the difference between a monster and a butterfly!  He's growing right on target too, he's now about 12 lbs 10 oz  24" long!  I took him to his check-up yesterday and the Dr. said everything looked great!  I'm such a proud mommy... he sure is growing into one handsome boy!  :) 

Well, this weekend is the annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness and we are going to support Annabelle, my beautiful niece!  Please come!  We would love to have a big team like we did last year! 

Here is the link to register or DONATE!  If you can't come please donate!