Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have been SO enjoying this summer... every day I wake up and go over to Katie's house. She lives right next door to my apartments... I'm SO LUCKY! I get to be with Annabelle all the time... she has started smiling at me! She just locks her eyes on me and watches my every move! I'm pretty sure I can make her laugh :) She loves me... haha. I haven't updated my blog in SO long! My computer is still not working, hopefully I'll have enough money to get it fixed soon... It's been hard for me to keep taking pictures because of it. I hate asking people to use their computers and I am barely EVER on the computer anymore... but if I'm taking pictures, I have to have one available to me. Kinna sucks...

So, the school year ended... and I miss my little girls. Well, I miss all my kiddo's, but I really miss my little girls. They were all so much fun! They are moving on up to kindergarten which is so weird to think about... They're getting SO BIG! I am really excited to go back to work in a couple months! I honestly can't wait to see my new kids and old kids! I am seriously so thankful for my job... I LOVE it!

Also, I just wanted to say, God is so amazing. He really does surprise me daily! Especially right now... He just really works in mysterious ways... I am THANKFUL and GRATEFUL and EXCITED about what's next in my life! YAY!

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