Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's a....

BOY!!!!!!! I am SO excited that I found out it's a BOY!!! I am beyond happy. I knew my whole life that I was going to have a boy someday. I have always had a desire to have a boy first and I am being blessed with that coming to a reality! At the ultrasound yesterday, I was laying there on the table... freaking out that they were going to tell me it was a girl and I would have felt very different. I know it would still have been awesome if we were going to have a girl... but when they said it was a boy, I couldn't stop laughing I was so happy. Jordan just looked proud. Like he accomplished a trying task successfully. haha... he was certain it was going to be a girl and I was on my way to thinking that we would have a girl just because we wanted a boy so badly. Now, I am taking any advice that other moms have to give. It just seems more real to me now that I could see the little man in there moving around and feel him kicking. I just want to be the best mom I can be... But while also being the best wife I can be. I don't want to put Jordan and my relationship on the back-burner while all of this excitement is going on. It should still be Jordan first, baby second, everything else next... Well actually more like, God first, Jordan second, baby third, and everything else next. :) I have gotten some great advice from some great people in my life already and am open to more! I would love to hear feedback from other moms about what things they couldn't live without when it comes to raising a baby... and what techniques they find work for bringing up a baby in the training and instruction of the Lord. That's my main goal... I want my kids to know Jesus' love and grasp it. I want them to see Jesus in me and Jordan also. I just pray all day long that my little boy will be healthy, happy, and comforted by the love of Christ through us. That's really all I can hope for.

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