Thursday, March 25, 2010


"Look at me! Look at me! I am a Christian! I love Jesus! I believe in God! God works miracles... let me tell you about some that He's done in and through ME! Jesus died on the cross for ME... He loves ME..."

Sometimes I feel like that's what we do. Not quite that dramatic... but you see the picture. Jesus created us to point others to HIM not to ourselves. Sometimes we think that if we share Jesus through our own experiences and show people what WE have done for Him, that it will benefit the kingdom. I say... WOAH! STEP OFF YO! When did it EVER become about us. When was this life ever about US!

Stop distracting people from the person of Jesus Christ with yourSELVES! It's not about you.

God wants a personal relationship with us all, yes, however that doesn't give us the right to boast. It should humble us so incredibly much to realize that God actually does want us.

I challenge you to let Christ do what He wants in you... not what you think He wants. There's an old cheesy saying... "Let go, and let God." I pretty much hate Christiany phrases but that one always gets me to stop and think. "What does it look like to let go of 'our' lives? To completely surrender all hope of having any sort of control?" It looks like Jesus. It becomes something we can see, rather than just something we talk about all the time.

People frequently say, "How can you believe in something that you can't see?" I don't know how to answer that question without sounding a snobby, churchy girl... But, it kind of makes me laugh... I can see God EVERYWHERE! It's an extremely Sunday School answer... but for me it's true! I see Him in people, situations, nature, music... you name it. It's hard to explain that to someone who thinks that what I believe is foolishness though. Oh well, it's the best answer I know and it is completely real and true in my life.

I know, this post was a little random and all over the place... but I wanted to try and write a blog without actually quoting Oswald Chambers again! He did inspire this post though... I just cheated by kind of summarizing today's devotion.

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