Monday, November 12, 2012

100 things I love about Jordan...

I was thinking about Jordan today while I was cooking.  I was thinking about how thankful I am for him and how lucky I am to have him.  I started listing reasons I love him in my head and I kept on thinking of them, so I decided to write them down.  I actually had to make myself stop writing at 100... I keep thinking of more.... for now, I'll stick with the list of 100.  It's a good thing to do to remind you why you married your husband in the first place.  I challenge all you wives out there to do this... It made me really look forward to seeing him when he gets off of work tonight!  :)  

100 things I love about Jordan
1. He believes in Jesus
2. He makes me laugh
3. He gave me Justus
4. He loves me just the way I am
5, He is honest
6. He is a hard worker
7. He has a great family
8. He talks to me about everything
9. He is my best friend
10. He works two jobs so I can stay home with the baby
11. He listens to my silly ideas
12. When he does something, he does it the best he can
13. He likes eating the food I make
14. He doesn't complain when I don't cook
15. I have known him since I was little
16. We were friends first
17. He plays wii with me
18. He doesn't need cable or internet.
19. He likes to live simply, like me. 
20. He lets me do cloth diapers (and tries to change them too)
21. He is a great daddy
22. He is a great husband
23. He tells me he loves me
24. He lets me hug and kiss him whenever I want.
25. He has the same sense of humor as me
26. He is silly
27. He is a republican
28. He works on little and big projects with me
29. He likes to let loose and have a good time
30. He sounds exactly like Frank Sinatra when he tries
31. He likes pretty much every genre of music
32. He can play pretty much every instrument (and he learns if he can't)
33. Coldplay
34. He isn't pretentious 
35. He is active
36. He takes care of our house
37. He listens to me
38. He offers solutions to problems
39. He isn't naive
40. He will teach our boy how to respect adults and others
41. He will instill a good work ethic in our boy
42. He has a great work ethic
43. He doesn't frivolously spend money
44. He can't sit still for more than 10 minutes
45. He is very attractive
46. He makes me feel needed
47. He makes up silly songs and sings them over and over again
48. He is respectful to authority and adults
49. My Great Aunt thinks he's a gentleman
50. He talks football with my 5 year old cousin
51. He loves my family
52. My family loves him
53. He told me he wanted to marry me on our like second date
54. He asked me to marry him four months after we started dating
55. He only wears Tshirts
56. He doesn't care if I only wore Tshirts
57. He likes my super fair skin tone
58. He lets me get my hair highlighted
59. He doesn't like going to the movies
60. His wii character is "The Most Interesting Man in the World"
61. He likes dogs and cats
62. He lets me do the budget
63. He is creative
64. He is a good dancer (when he wants to be)
65. He danced with me on our first date
66. He won't see Twilight
67. He let me pick out the last two places we've lived
68. He bought me a kitten for my birthday
69. He is great at giving and thinking of gifts
70. He weighs more than me
71. He doesn't shower me with useless words
72. He SHOWS me he loves me
73. He makes our son laugh
74. He is trying to grow a mustache
75. He encourages and inspires me to be healthy and active
76. He thinks I look prettiest when I feel ugliest. 
77. He would be happy living in a box with me
78. He actually tells me about his day when I ask, "How was your day?"
79. He gives me an ornament for christmas every year.
80. He loves Christmas
81. His favorite movies are all rated G or PG
82. He is confident
83. He doesn't use credit cards
84. He makes wise decisions
85. He is proud of his family roots
86. He comes from a family of hard working, stand up men
87. He wears the pants in the family
88. He lets me be the kind of mom and wife I've always wanted to be
89. He likes hanging out with my favorite people just as much as I do
90. He likes going on vacations with me
91. He has been through and overcome a lot in his life
92. He takes a negative and turns it into a positive
93. He doesn't hold a grudge against me, EVER
94. He sleeps with his legs hanging off the bed 
95. He makes me food when I'm too busy with the baby
96. He does me favors
97. He doesn't have facebook
98. He became a firefighter after working so hard to become one
99. He was my first kiss in high school
100. He was the first boy to tell me he loved me

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