Sunday, November 11, 2012

25 reasons I'm glad we don't have cable

Jordan and I had cable when we first got married and I thought I would never go back to not having it.  Well, in May, I stopped working so I could be home with my darling baby boy (a decision I will NEVER regret!)  Because of that we got rid of cable and internet.  (the internet I'm using now is "borrowed" from our generous neighbor!)  Since not having cable... I have noticed a difference in our marriage and in my day-to-day life.   I was a TV/cable addict for a while... Some people may not have a problem with it like I do... so to each their own!  I lack the self-control to just TURN IT OFF sometimes!  :)  Props to you if you can!

25 reasons I'm glad we don't have cable:

1. I spend less time sitting down (except when I'm feeding Justus)
2. I find things to clean in my house that would otherwise go unnoticed.
3. I have more free time. (TV had always distracted me from the free time I actually had - hence the complaint, "I don't have time!")
4. I actually play with my baby on the floor and look into his eyes while I'm doing it. If the TV was on,     I would be probably be sitting on the couch with him and not looking at him as much, giving him my undivided attention.
5. I cook more
6. I listen to more music (I'm on a Mozart kick lately after watching Amadeus with Jordan the other night. It creates such a calm atmosphere)
7. Jordan and I have time for DIY projects that we want to do.
8. I don't get frustrated if I miss a certain TV show
9. I don't feel the "need" to finish a TV program if I start it. (how many useless Househunters episodes and My Fair Wedding episodes can you watch in one day, seriously...)
10. We don't have the constant JUNK from commercials and programs filling our minds.
11. Jordan and I find watching a movie together in the living room a little more special. It kind of feels like a date.
12. Jordan and I talk and enjoy our friendship more while playing Wii sports together (we have intense competitions!)
13. Justus isn't going to grow up with the TV being on all the time as the norm.
14. I am inspired to get outside and moving more.
15. Jordan and I sit and talk more often.
16. We are saving a TON of money
17. We go spend time with family members if there's a special game on or something instead of just watching it at home.
18. When friends come over, we actually talk to each other instead of just sit there and stare at the screen together.
19. I am not constantly hearing terrible things from the News.
20. We can watch TV shows we really like in their entirety at the end of the season instead of waiting a week to find out what happens between each show. (It's like watching a movie together... way more fun)
21. It's getting back to the basics of life... which I am all about.
22. I grew up HATING the TV and wishing we could just go throw it in the lake. (even though we didn't have cable, it seemed to always be on!)
23. We are saving electricity!
24. I don't waste my time watching all of those stupid singing competitions anymore.  (they drive me crazy)
25. My days don't feel like a waste!

I'm sure there are many more reasons to be glad we don't have cable, but these are the main ones... I thought we would "need" cable... but we most certainly don't.

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