Thursday, November 15, 2012

My 'go-to' baby items!

If you are a first time mom, registering for a baby can be quite overwhelming!  Do I really need all of those things I see in the stores?  NO you don't!  Don't go registering crazy... First of all... wait a bit to see what free items you will be given.  So many moms with too much baby junk want to just give their stuff away!  Believe me, you will be given a lot of things if you're friends with a lot of mommies!  Also, go to second hand stores for things you don't get on your list that you still need... You don't really want to buy a used car seat, however, if you don't know the history of the car seat. That could be dangerous.  I have a used car seat, but it's only because I knew the mom I bought it from and it had not been in a wreck and was used by only one child.  Try to go to garage sales for furniture for the nursery, and the Just Between Friends sale is awesome for clothes, shoes, toys, strollers...etc!  I got a Peg Perego stroller there in great condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new!  So, if you don't get all the things you register for, don't fret!  There are plenty of money-saving options!  

Ok, so here is my MUST-HAVE list for my newborn...  I may have another list of MUST haves when he starts to grow a bit more, but for now... I MUST have these things... 

Number 1:

Noise makers are amazing!  They are a great way to reduce SIDS and help your baby sleep anywhere.  Justus can sleep anywhere we go because he is used to the noise.  I bring it with us in the car too and it helps soothe him in the carseat (which he HATES!)

Number 2: 

These blankets are seriously awesome.  I have the patterns above.  4 swaddle blankets may seem like a lot, and not really worth the money you (or whoever buys them for you as a gift) spend, but they are so worth it to me.  I need all four because sometimes he'll leak out of his diapers in the night and get the blanket wet, or he'll spit up on it during his nap... I have gone through all four in two days before.  Get the four pack! 

Number 3:

So, I was NOT going to use pacifiers... but babies get cranky, and sometime for no reason.  You will see that they will search for something to suck on.  It doesn't necessarily mean they are hungry, they just want to be soothed!  Hence, the Soothie!  These ones are the only ones my baby boy will take.  They have a more natural shape.  The other ones are kind of flat on one side and he just spits them right out.  

Number 4:

I highly suggest getting a breast pump!  I honestly don't know how moms can be breast feeding moms and not have a breast pump.  They will save you in so many areas!  If you are away from your baby for the day, you will NEED to pump.  If you want to have a couple drinks at night, you can give them some expressed milk from a previous pumping! If you feel extremely engorged and can't get relief! I bought the MOTOR of this pump on craigslist for CHEAP!  Do not re use the tubing, bottles, or accessories!  Just reuse the motor. Cheap pumps are not good pumps... Medela is what they use in the hospitals, so you know they're good!

Number 5:

If you are a breast feeding mother... Do not get the boppy!  They slip out of place and the baby rolls off of them.  This one is flat on top with a head support on both sides.  It goes around your back for back support and clips so it doesn't move.  You can adjust it to fit snugly around yourself.  It is bigger than the boppy, but for good reason!  I highly suggest this pillow!  I got mine used at the JBF sale I think, and just bought a new cover for it.  

Number 6: 
This is the bag I use as my diaper bag.  My sister bought it for me for my shower and  I love it!  There are so many perfect bottle sized pockets on the outside and tons of room on the inside!  Seriously the perfect diaper bag!!

Number 7:
I love this pack n play.  This is the one that we have in our house.  Jordan's mom found it on craigslist for a great deal!  We kept it in our room for the first three months so that I could get to him right away if he needed me.  He is now in his own room (sad day) so we will give it back to his parents.  BUT we have another one we will use.  I just really liked this one because of the changing table and the raised middle part for the baby to sleep on.  It's great! 

Number 8:
If you are a stay-at-home mom and don't put your baby in daycare, these are great!  Most daycares wont let you do cloth... but seriously, I don't know why not.  They are SO EASY!!!  Changing diapers is gross no matter how you look at it... so why not use REusable?  These are my favorite brand.  I did a lot of research and these are by far the best!  Hands down!  

Number 9:
Ok, IF you do cloth diapers, these will SAVE your diapers.  I use the pre-soak stuff, the detergent, and the odor remover sprinkle.  My diapers do not smell and barely have any stains because of this stuff... I highly recommend you get this anti ammonia detergent or your diapers will probably start smelling after a while.  

Number 10:
LOVE the Moby Wrap!  I bring it with me everywhere... once you get the hang of how to put on this ridiculously long fabric... it's AWESOME!  Justus loves being up close to me, so when we grocery shop, go out and about, or if I need to get things done around the house and he's cranky, in it he goes!  It's wonderful!  I absolutely 100% recommend you get one of these!  

So that's it for now... I don't have any more time, and these are really the only things I really really need and would miss if I didn't have them.  

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